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Study and Focus Crystal Kit

Study and Focus Crystal Kit

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From our Stone collection this beautiful pocket size crystal set is made for assisting you with focusing & studying. 

 Blue Tigers Eye - improves mental clarity & stability 

Sodalite - increases balance & enhances self esteem 

Hematite - assist with calming your mind & thoughts 

Clear Quartz - helps to balance and increase your stability 

Rainbow Fluorite - helps to clear the mental fog 

This set makes the perfect gift set for yourself & loved ones to assist them when it’s time to study and focus. Our crystal set’s are packed with intuitively chosen crystals to best help with attracting the intentions you are putting into your crystals. 

 The first step after purchasing your crystal kit is cleansing. Cleansing your crystals should become a regular practice especially if they are coming in contact with other peoples energies. This can be done using sage or a selenite charging stick/bowl. Allowing your crystals to sit in a selenite bowl each night will give them time to cleanse + recharge ready for you to use the next day. Next, you need to set an intention for what your wanting to attract with your chosen crystals for example; you are needing protection or guidance- using your black tourmaline, amethyst or tigers eye. If you are wanting to attract wealth, taking your green Aventurine with you or putting your citrine in your wallet. An easy way to set the intention for your crystal is by holding them in your hands and focusing on what you want to achieve before putting them in your pockets or bagsThis can be done with each of your crystals depending on what you are seeking, you may choose todo this daily with different crystals or using the same ones regularly.

Our sets come packed in a linen bag which the crystals can be kept in for storage as well as making the perfect gift bag. Each set will also come with a card displaying the crystal colour & meaning making it simple for you to read and remember the properties each crystal holds. Please note every crystal will be different as they are natural stones & all unique sizes and colours will vary, if you have any questions please contact us.

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